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Drawing is my most intuitive form of self-expression.


It is my ‘play-time’- my most natural feeling of release.


For over 20 years the subject matter that I continually return to is the Life Room. It is an absolute privilege to draw another person, to capture a moment in time, never to be repeated.  Every drawing is an opportunity to explore my personal response - investigate new materials, work in new ways - it never tires. This passion led me to establish Lessons in Life - drawing sessions that I facilitate in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

September 2020 I curated my first collaborative exhibition celebrating 22 Artist and the joy of Life Drawing.  You can see more on this in the 'exhibition' tab. This was the first time I shared my personal work publicly.


My drawings have always been an intimate personal response with no audience in mind. I was overwhelmed and humbled by the interest in my work - I have made the decision to make future works available for purchase.


I hope you enjoy. 



The moment drawing from life had me hooked

This drawing is over 25 years old... and it's still lurking under my bed in a dusty portfolio.

I was on my foundation year at Camberwell College of Art, London, age 19  - it was an intimate session of 4 students - the model stood with such confidence and presence, I remember it like yesterday.

The process was like a puzzle I was determined to crack... our tutor had a broom I recall, which he placed often against the model, forcing our eyes to dart left, right , up , down ... searching continually.

From that moment I knew how it felt to be lost in drawing.

I am forever thankful.

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