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Group drawing opportunities from Life in Monmouth, Wales

I established Lessons in Life, in 2015 

offering non intimidating opportunities to draw from life.

Available to Sixth Form groups; Adults new to drawing and

accomplished artists alike.


The intention, to build collaborative creative communities where

art practice is accessible, playful and always curious;

where self expression is encouraged and supported


We can all relate to the human form.

Although familiar, each body is unique and enormously varied.

Every glorious model and each and every pose

becomes a revelation and a challenge - 

There are no hard and fast rules to drawing the figure -

each drawing must be approached with fresh eyes,

observing the figure as if for the first time -

drawing what we see; not what we think we see.

Keep scrolling for current opportunities. Pre Booking essential.

We currently meet Monday evenings at 6.45pm for a 7pm start

in the spacious purpose built Art Department at

Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls.


Equipped with easels, drawing boards, paper for purchase

and basic materials at the ready we have all you need for an immersive Life Drawing experience

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Drawing is my most intuitive form of self-expression.


It is my ‘play-time’- every drawing opportunity in the life room, every pose is an opportunity to explore my personal response - investigate new materials, work in new ways, it never tires.


I established LESSONS IN LIFE 6 years ago - keen to offer and develop fresh, non - intimidating approaches to Life Drawing in the community whilst fuelling my own passion - As a qualified Teacher; facilitating life drawing is such a joy - The sessions I deliver are not life drawing in a tradition sense - Working with models as well as a group of artists, means collaboration -

performance, conversation, teamwork - community.

I incorporate music a lot in our sessions - I am interested in the relationship between music, tempo, movement and the interchange of energy. There is a deep exchange between the artist and model; it is a privilege to draw another person form life.

I endeavour to instil the belief that we are all innately creative - and that drawing collaboratively from life, can be a hugely enriching experience both emotionally and practically -

regardless of your skill-set. There is a place for everyone.

Thank you for visiting LESSONS IN LIFE
We are currently have a pause on session, from May till September 2024

Thank you to everyone that has attended and supported these session,
you are part of a unique supportive and creative community

Come draw for a one-off session -
dates that suit you, or join us every week.


Parking on Hereford Road, infront of ART Department.
5 spaces available behind building - Coming from Monmouth, turn left into drive From Hereford, turn right into drive - spaces behind building on a
first come first saved basis.



Finding us at night...

The studio we are based in, is found upstairs within the
ART Department of Monmouth School for Girls
on Hereford Road.

The building is found below the walk way bridge
that crosses Hereford Road.

The department, is identifiable by the 4 large square
windows in the roof top.

To enter, walk along front of building as shown in image,
turn left and you'll find a bright yellow door to enter through. 
Head up the stairs, turn right.

You will receive a warm welcome


parking on street-2.jpg
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