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Are you looking for inspiration on how to move a project forward, or guidance on how to create and manage a large-scale project in your school? 

My broad skills and education experience will help you realise your plans.


A qualified primary teacher, I have over 20 years experience working within a diverse range of educational settings. I have now chosen to focus on art and design education, 

combined with my passion for well-being.


My formal teaching experience began in rural Botswana, teaching textile design to local students. This is where I discovered my love of 'hands-on' practice along with creative problem-solving. 

In addition to teaching across the curriculum as a primary teacher for 5 years, I have also led art groups for adults with learning difficulties and supported young learners at Special Need Schools.

I am proud to have represented Arts Council Wales as a Creative Agent supporting the Lead Creative Schools - developing creative habits of mind in young learners.

Please get in touch to share any project ideas - always open to a chat 


Arts in Education: Bio

How might a project develop?

I am a multi disciplined Facilitator 

Each project is uniquely designed for your specific setting.

It is about collaboration, listening, learning and exploring creative options together.


Nuturing Family  - Redbrook Primary School 2021

The brief in this instant was to create a piece involving the whole school, encompassing the School Moto 'Nurturing Family' 

Children ranged from 5 to 11 years in this small rural school. We began by generating words that embodied the idea of nurturing family.  I had sourced a large paper 6ft by 15ft - In mixed age groups children began to draw around parts of each other's body ... next with wax, we wrote some of those words we had generated to be discovered by another child by painting with ink - what a wonderful sense of wonder and delight was shared.  We continued to add coloured inks, searching out new shapes, investigating colour, adding further resist techniques with oil pastel - Being bold in our choices. Working together, sharing, ,laughing, talking. Patterned hands were also added to our final piece. This will be displayed in Redbrook Church, Gloucestershire in September 2021


Personalised projects 

Clear learning 



Developing independent and creative learners


 Nurturing creative 

confidence and inquisitive minds


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