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Why enter the Life Room?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Creativity is a word that not all of us connect with, but I truly believe it is inside of everyone and in everything we do in our daily lives. Drawing is a wonderful way of awakening this creativity, and with practice, it can come to everybody, just like learning a new language or learning a musical skill.

For those inspiring creatives the LIFE ROOM is the perfect place to support that learning discovery.

Drawing can use the whole body and all of its senses. It can be rigorous or expressive, observed, from memory or imagination, abstracted, analytical, emotional, gestural, playful, meditative or measured. The delight is that all these wide and wonderful variety of approaches can be taught and supported within the confines of the Life Room. Experienced artists and new beginners are able to work side by side in this unique collaborative space.

At times the Life Room is transformed to centre stage - a theatre/ performance; furniture, fabrics, lighting and props can be incorporated to create new spaces and atmospheres to create visual drama and stimulate the senses. In contrast - the set up may be very simple - a nude model in the centre of a sparse room to focus on the subtleties of human form and anatomy.

Complete newcomers to life drawing classes sometimes presume that it will be a strange, awkward or even sexual experience to stare at a naked person for hours. None of this is true - after a few poses you will see how natural the process feels. The privilege of drawing an unclothed model brings an intimacy to the drawing where we are able to celebrate beauty and form of the human figure. The atmosphere is nurturing and calm -

Because of the race against time, trying to capture the figure, drawings that come from a life session convey that very time limitation. When the pose is finished so too is the drawing. This controlled approach can at times feel quite mediative - there's not much time for thinking, as the artist is focused on that moment. This intensive concentration is one of the unique qualities of the Life Room environment.

I have been a visitor of the LIFE ROOM for over 25 years , facilitating for 6 years now. It never ever tires. It is an absolute privilege, a constant source of inspiration to me. I have deeply missed the weekly connection with my 'Lifers' and models during COVID. I eagerly anticipate our return to the Life Room this November.

If you have any queries or questions about entering the Life Room for the first time, please do not hesitate to ask.

Clouds x

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David Milward
David Milward
10 oct 2021

The life room is such a wonderful creative space, one which I have missed for far too long! As both a drawer and aspiring sitter to experience both sides of this dynamic is a truly inspirational experience.

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I look forward to drawing together

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